What’s stopping you from having the dating lifestyle you want?

Are you new to the dating scene, or have you recently found yourself back in the game? Maybe you’ve had a string of rejections and are unsure of your next move.

Let’s face it — dating can be intimidating and straight-up uncomfortable. But you can alleviate your fears and play with confidence with the help of an “approach coach.”

Don’t need a romance coach? Are you sure about that? Take our quiz to find out:

Which Dating Blunders Have You Committed?

  • Not having a plan for your approach (or for the first date)
  • Hoping she’ll make the first move
  • Talking about sex too soon
  • Being unable to sustain a conversation
  • Little or no response to online dating messages

All of these are rookie mistakes, but understandable in this often confusing and highly competitive environment. This is exactly where a coach can help. Together we’ll navigate the complexities of women and relationships.

The Approach Coach will help you:

  • Project your best image
  • Connect with women on a genuine level
  • Find common interests
  • Engage with interesting dialog
  • Confidently ask for a first date (and then a second date)

Meet K.C. Ridley,
“The Approach Coach”

photo: K.C. Ridley, The Approach CoachFor as long as I can remember, I’ve been the woman my guy friends turned to when they needed to know how to approach women they found attractive, how to manage their dating dilemmas, and what their girlfriend actually meant when she said…

And like many other women, I’ve been on the receiving end of blunders and misfires from guys who meant well but were clueless about how to connect.

Look, there are plenty of guys out here who claim to have some secret formula to women, but the truth is — no one can tell you how to connect with women better than another woman.

I’m no matchmaker. And I’m not a pick-up artist. I help men navigate social situations and make quality romantic connections.

With over 10 years of experience helping people build and communicate their brands to attract business, I realized that I have way more fun using those skills to help men build their romantic brands and attract the women of their dreams.

I know how women think, and now you can have the inside edge, too. My coaching will help you identify and overcome personal roadblocks. You’ll develop the skills and confidence you need to approach women at higher success rates, resulting in genuine connections, more dates, and better relationships.

Get more dates. Now.

Start living the life you want with our coaching.