Boost Self-Confidence

From attitude to attire, feel confident and able to present your best self in social situations.

Eliminate Fear of Rejection

Get the tools to overcome fear and stop worrying about rejection from the women you want to date.

Flirt Like a Pro

Know when and how to approach women, how to make great conversation, and when to get out — with a plan to meet up.

Learn how to connect with attractive, high-quality women and conquer any social situation.

Hey, I'm K.C.

For as long as I can remember, my guy friends have turned to me to know how to gauge interest in women they find attractive, how to approach women, and what their girlfriend really means when she says…

And like many women, I’ve been on the receiving end of dating mistakes guys make from men who mean well but are clueless about how to connect. That doesn't have to be you. You need an approach coach.

Do you miss opportunities to go from meeting to dating? No one can tell you how to connect with women better than another woman. The good news is you don't have to struggle on the dating scene anymore. I know how women think, and now you can, too. 

I built a career helping people build and communicate their brands to attract customers, but a few years back, I realized that I have way more fun using those skills to help men polish their romantic brands to get a girlfriend.

I’m no matchmaker. And I’m not a pick-up artist. I help men boost their confidence so they can navigate social situations, quickly gauge interest, and make quality romantic connections.

My clients learn to overcome personal roadblocks to increase their confidence and present their best selves. With my coaching, you'll develop the skills and confidence you need to approach women at higher success rates — which means you'll get more dates and better relationships.

Apply for a free coaching session with me to see how a change to your approach to dating can start getting you more dates today.