How to write your way to more dates

If you subscribe to Ramit Sethi, you probably saw his email today called “Writing your way to a better sex life.” Ramit’s copywriter rewrote this guy’s profile and got him 4 times the number of dates almost instantly. Long story short: Ramit’s employee “Esteban” is a smart, caring, funny guy, but he wasn’t getting many dates. Why? He wasn’t presenting himself the right way in his … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Never Text a Woman for a Date

Woman made angry after reading text message on her smartphone

I received a text message from a guy with whom there was mutual romantic interest: “Plans for Friday?” Ugh. This guy was smart and ambitious, with a great sense of style. But him asking me for a first date by text was anti-climatic, at best, and showed a lack of confidence, at worst. Here are five reasons why asking for a date by text … Read More