How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones

Woman in a coffee shop wearing headphones and types on her laptop

Don’t. Seriously. There are certain behaviors that clearly indicate the desire not to be bothered. Assuming a Heisman stance to block someone advancing on you is one. Having your nose buried in a book is another. Probably most common is the decision to cover your ears in public using headphones. Dating blogger Dan Bacon wrote a post called “How to Talk to a Woman … Read More

Dating While Asian: 4 Ways Around Roadblocks

An Asian man sits on a bench holding a tablet

Ask an Asian man about his experiences dating online, and he’ll likely mention several unique dating challenges. Compared to Black, white, and Latino men, OkCupid’s data on race and attraction suggests that Asian men receive significantly fewer matches and messages from women. Here’s how Asian men can find a mate online in today’s dating climate: 1. Emphasize your interests Alan … Read More

Guys, don’t give away your power

a man flexes his bicep while he and a woman gaze at each other

When you have the chance to improve your life, do you leave the decision-making to someone else? Power is the ability to create a desired result in your life, and you have it in you to shape the life you want. Stop giving your power away to someone else. Make empowered decisions Here’s a common scenario: You’re working on your laptop at … Read More

How to write your way to more dates

If you subscribe to Ramit Sethi, you probably saw his email today called “Writing your way to a better sex life.” Ramit’s copywriter rewrote this guy’s profile and got him 4 times the number of dates almost instantly. Long story short: Ramit’s employee “Esteban” is a smart, caring, funny guy, but he wasn’t getting many dates. Why? He wasn’t presenting himself the right way in his … Read More

Exposed: Subtle Moves Women Use to Show Romantic Interest

A woman flirts with a man at bar by pushing her hair back

Have a dating situation you need solved by the Approach Coach? Click here to send your question. From our reader mailbag: Dear Approach Coach, When I talk to and engage women, it’s difficult to discern signs of interest. Every woman is different and has her own ideas of what something like that could be. I don’t want to overthink things, I don’t … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Never Text a Woman for a Date

Woman made angry after reading text message on her smartphone

I received a text message from a guy with whom there was mutual romantic interest: “Plans for Friday?” Ugh. This guy was smart and ambitious, with a great sense of style. But him asking me for a first date by text was anti-climatic, at best, and showed a lack of confidence, at worst. Here are five reasons why asking for a date by text … Read More